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Today I want to go over “How it all Works” with Mandi-Jo’s.

You are probably wondering what exactly is Mandi-Jo’s…. well… It is a great place to come to Lend what you Have and Borrow What you Need.  Everyday items and Professional Services. Businesses can Promote to locals by listing their services.  Make Money and Save Money!

Our main objective is to connect people to the things they need when they need it.  We want to you to save money by not having to go out and buy everything you need.  Whether it is for a project and you need a miter saw, or you need to find a photographer for your daughter’s wedding.  You will be able to connect with someone close to you that can hook you up with what you need.

We want to take “Marketplace” to the next level.  Lets Lend, Borrow, Rent, Barter, Buy, Sell, and Trade.  Mandi-Jo’s is here to connect you.

If you have stuff collecting dust in your house or out in your shop, post it on Mandi-Jo’s and then sit back and w84it!  When someone is interested they will type a message under your post and you will get a message in your email.  (THIS IS IMPORTANT…. MAKE SURE YOU ADD US TO YOUR CONTACTS ON YOUR EMAIL… ANYTHING FROM US IS PROBABLY GOING TO SPAM BECAUSE WE ARE SUCH A NEW SITE.)  At this point you have the connection you need to further seal the deal and do any trading or renting you want.

There is also a chat on the site that allows you to chat with a single person or onto the public chat room.  This will only work for the items you are needing if the owner of the item is on the site right then.  So Messaging under the post is the best way to inquire about an item or service.

Please contact us at any time to report any kind of abuse to this site or any problems you are having with the site its self. E-mail us @ mandijoslandb@gmail.com


My next Blog will be about Navigating the site. I will be uploading to YouTube so also follow me there to see the screen recording of easily navigating mandi-jos.com.


Thank you so much for coming to check us out and I hope you really enjoy the rest of your day today!

Mandi and Jo Koehler


April 16, 2019 7:13 pm