Assess Your Situation Today

I really want to encourage and inspire you to make this year your best year EVER! 

I want you to realize your own personal potential and increase your self-worth by honing in on your own skills and talents, finding the confidence you need to become the best version of yourself.

Wikipedia defines Personal Development:

Personal Development covers activites that improve awareness and identify, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate, and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

It will take your lifetime to fully master your own personal development but don’t look at it as a huge mountain that is unachievable. 

Instead take it day by day and hold yourself accoutable. Your daily habits will be the foundation to a better you. 

Develop your own daily habits and stick to them.

5 Habits to Consider Implementing in your Life

1) Break old Habits and Find new ones.

I have struggled with many “bad habits” myself; Drug use, thinking I was unworthy, Sleeping in late on a regular basis. Over time I crushed these habits and replaced them with more healthy alternatives. For instance I have been drug free for 10 years! I decided to replace that urge with prayer and seeking GOD.  (I would like to make an entire post on this so stay tuned for all the drama!)

So when it comes to sleeing in… instead of sleeping late every chance I can, I get up as early as I can. I will go over that in the next habit. Holding yourself accountable is very important. You are a strong man/woman. You can do this!!!

2) Wake up Early. 

 It is said that the most successful people wake up at 5 am and begin their morning routines. Compared to someone that sleeps in to just 7 am, those that wake at 5 am have added 2 more hours to their day, 14 more hours to their week, and… wait for it… 30 more days to their year!!!! It’s hard to believe but I did the math. 

 When I get up in the morning I go straight to the kitchen and make a Turmeric, Honey, and Lemon water tonic. I will be posting a link for the exact recipe that I use every morning. 

The benefit of warm lemon water in the morning is surprising. Such a little fruit has so many benefits.  Just to name one, it aids in digestion. 

 Turmeric is an almost MAGICAL tropical plant of India.  It has many benefits including increasing your body’s antioxidants, aiding in controlling Diabetes, preventing and treating Cancer, Lowering cholesterol and many, many more. 

 I plan to post a study on these benefits in an upcoming post. 

3) Read Books. 

What are you struggling with? THAT is exactly what you should be studying up on so that you can get a grip on the issue. 

Want to become more of a people person? John C. Maxwell authors an amazing book called “Be a People Person”. I am currently reading it.  

Struggling with Anxiety and Depression? I have overcome this mindset and so can you! Russ Harris has written, “The Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling and Start Living”. 

I personally have found revelation in knowing that Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He will stop at nothing when it comes to getting in our heads and having us think that we are unworthy, incapable, and afraid. 

Life is worth living. You could be so close to your breakthrough when you give up, SO DON’T EVER GIVE UP!  

Search for books that shine a light on what you are having trouble with and read into some wisdom.

4) Find a mentor or role model that you can learn from. 

Model your life after someone that is already at the level that you want to be at, copying how they have overcome and . You will need daily, weekly, monthly support to truly get to YOUR next level. 

5) Every night, reflect on your day and take notes on how far you have come or where you may be failing. Be honest with yourself. Plan ahead for what you want to accomplish the following day and week. 

Find a close friend or family member that believes in your success that you can talk with often and ask them to hold you accountable. It will help you in the moment more than you think. 

Do not let your life drive you… Take control back and steer yourself into your future! You are your greatest resource. 

Pure joy can only come when you find out who you really are.

Be consistent. 

It is easy to fall back into the same routine you were in before but keep in mind why YOU started this journey to begin with. You do not want to go back into that same rut you were in. 

 Stay focused and stay alert. 

You will soon be looking back at your amazing progress. I believe in you…. believe in yourself! 

March 10, 2019 9:18 pm