Code of Conduct

Mandi-Jo’s misison is to  to connect communities, neighbors, and businesses, lending to and borrowing from one another while staying as close to home as possible, saving money, time, resources. While using our Site, Mandi-Jo’s Lend & Borrow, we would like to lay down some ground rules.  If you do not follow these simple guidelines you will be banned from using our services.  1) Be honest about the items that you post to your profile.  For instance, if the item is broken and does not work please do not post and say that it is good working order.  2) Be courteous and thoughtful about the other person’s time.  We all live a busy life, and tend to run late occasionally,  but make this meeting priority at the time that you have agreed.  Be on time for the meeting whether you are picking up or dropping off, lending or borrowing, during the initial meeting and when you return the item.3)When meeting with an individual or business show them the respect that you would want to be shown to you.   Always use good manners and do not get angry.  NEVER use vulgar language.  4) When you meet you are recommended to get personal information on the form that can be downloaded for free from the webpage.  All info including name, phone number, driver’s license number, and tag number and vehicle description will need to be filled out on the form.   If you do not return the item by the end of the day your information will be given to local law enforcment so that the item can be located. 5) Bring correct change when borrowing from an individual, they may not carry cash to give you change.  If you do not have correct change go right then to a store to get change.  The only way to make this run as smooth as possible is for everyone to do their part and hold up their end of the deal.

March 6, 2019 1:19 am