Welcome to Mandi-Jo’s

Thank you so much for coming to the premiere of our new site and my new blog.  I know that as we grow everyone will benefit from the money making and money saving opportunities that we give you. Before I get started, let me briefly introduce myself. For the past fifteen years, I have been a mother, overcoming life’s challenges and coming out on top.  I continue to improve myself as the years go by learning and following my intuition.  I was born and raised in South Alabama on the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast.  I met my husband, a Florida native, ten years ago and we have built a beautiful and busy life together.  My husband and I do everything together.  We own a construction company and are both, by trade, Trim Carpenters.  We building new homes within our rapidly growing county. I am very handy and love learning new things.
I have a passion for teaching others what I know, especially when it comes to life lessons.
As I start this DIY & Personal Development blog I aim to share the knowledge that I have and want to ultimately guide others to a place of self-confidence and productivity.
I plan to share my experiences from the past 5 years of owning a Kayak rental business, renting kayaks, canoes and paddle boards from my home (and I do not live on the water).   I will show you how you too can make money from home by joining our rapidly growing community of Lenders and Borrowers on mandi-jos.com.
There will be easy DIYs that will help you improve the functionality of your home.
I will also be sharing life experiences to help guide anyone going through the same trials, like the death of a child,  the death of a spouse, stresses of being a mother of 3, and the intense pressures of being the owner of three businesses. 
This blog is truly going to be a ton of fun and I look forward to reading your comments, I will personally respond to each and every one. We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect.   
Until next time…. may you be blessed and full of God’s favor.

February 17, 2019 7:24 pm